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A Strategic Brand Building Tour

JDC is the overseas arm of the American Jewish community. They sponsor relief, rescue andJDC Essence Chart reconstruction programs, fulfilling its commitment to the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another and “To save one person is to save a world”.

JDC was facing significant challenges as it approached its 90th anniversary. The environment in which it operated had become increasingly crowded with multiple organizations vying for the same pool of money and resources. While the UJC Federation system had been a primary source of funding for JDC, JDC had challenges maintaining and increasing their other flow of donations due to a lack of stand alone fundraising anchored by a strong brand. This pressured JDC to consider ways to supplement the pool of funds received from the UJC.JDC Refinement Diagram

The team, led by Peter Rogovin and Okey Nestor, worked in close collaboration with JDC's communications and marketing departments to conduct thorough and multiple Brand Analysis interviews. Our goal was to gain an in-depth understanding of the internal and external brand communication challenges —those beyond the obvious. We also took into consideration JDC’s strategic objectives. After validating our findings we made brand identity recommendations centered on redefining the organization's communications and presence within the community of Jewish organizations.

JDC NYC Letterhead
Our three key recommendations were:

1) Adopt the initials “JDC” as the master brand for the organization (i.e., the name that will be used to represent the public face of the organization). Guidelines would be established to direct the usage and communication of “JDC” as a master brand.

2) Create a structure for the program portfolio that would be guided by the organization's activities, rather than by geographic regions or locations.

3) Have JDC play a visible role in the naming of programs and services. JDC should be visible, as much as possible, in all partnerships and program/service names (i.e., JDC Hunger Program, JDC Religious Studies).

The brand strategy and implementation plan developed by our team address the current and long-term challenges faced by the organization. The changing dynamic of funding sources and potential need to individually acquire donations made it essential for JDC to:

1) Increase visibility and strengthen awareness of the brand to the current and potential donor base, so that JDC is top of mind when looking for an organization to donate funds to;

2) Create a clear and consistent communication of the brand, so that it is easily recognizable across all initiatives and geographies

3) Communicate the brand in a way that resonates with donors and potential donors;

4) Establish the JDC brand in a unique and differentiated manner and one that is consistent with the new positioning;

To bring the new strategy to life among internal and external stakeholders, we developed a new logomark with a new look and feel, and created an implementation plan that tied the unifying elements into the Brand Essence “Jewish Lifeline” for all program and identity communications. We recommended that the new JDC system extend the Brand Identity with new graphic treatments of all JDC overseas programs and offices incorporating new colors, updated typographic elements and contemporary graphics, and the introduction of guidelines for consistent long-term use of the program. There was broad acceptance at board and executive levels for both mandate and content of the branding program.

JDC Global Brochure
JDC Global Programs Brochure

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